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Pig Dissection

pig drawingThe last week of school the students had the option of doing a fetal pig dissection. They didn’t all participate, but they did the pre-lab, observed and answered questions. For those who did participate, they were fascinated and/or revolted, but they seemed to appreciate the opportunity.

Chelsea and Jovana chronicled Edith’s progress.
dissecting pigFirst: We observed the external anatomy.
Second: Figure out the characteristics that make it a mammal. It has nipples and is warm blooded.
Third: We looked at the ventral side (bottom) and the umbilical chord.
Fourth: We cut the umbilical chord and looked at the different openings.
Fifth: We tied down the pig to the dissecting tray.
Sixth: Edith cut the pig open using the diagram provided in the lab notes.
Seventh: She took out the liver (filters toxins out of the body) and observed the stomach that digests food.
Eighth: We observed, the small intestine that absorbs nutrients, the large intestine that removes waste and compacts the waste. The bladder was long and thin compared to a human. There was a peritoneum around the heart.
Lastly, Edith decided to remove and cut the large and small intestine. And the heart and kidneys.