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Enzyme Lab: Catalase

liver test enzymeThis week we did a lab on enzymes.

Enzymes make life possible.  No cell can survive without enzymes.  Life in a cell is made possible through thousands of chemical reactions that take place inside it.  If these chemical reactions take place too slowly, the activities of the cell would come to a screaming stop. This is because enzymes are biological catalysts. This means they speed up the chemical reactions.

Remember the enzyme is not altered by the reaction. There are thousands of different enzymes in each of your cells.
Each of these enzymes is responsible for one particular reaction that occurs in the cell that means enzymes are specific. In this lab, we studied  catalase (KAT-uh-LAYSS); it speeds up a reaction which breaks down hydrogen peroxide, a toxic chemical, into 2 harmless substances–water and oxygen.
The reaction is: 2 H2O2 —-> 2 H2O + O2

This reaction is important to cells because hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is produced as a byproduct of many normal cellular reactions. If the cells did not break down the hydrogen peroxide, they would be poisoned and die.

enzyme lab photo 1In this lab, we studied the catalase found in chicken liver cells, apple cells and potato cells.

Horace the Red-Eared Slider

red eared sliderThe female turtles have shorter less pointy heads and the males have fairly long necks. When you can see their long claws/nails it is most likely a male if they have rather short claws, almost invisible it’s most likely a female. Also the males have longer tails.

-Kaylee and Talia